Our KennelsWhat to Bring

What Should I Bring for my Animal friend(s)?

Toys - Collars

We allow toys with the dogs and cats, they must stay in the kennel with them.

We have a fleet of Petsafe breakaway collars for our canine and feline guests to wear while in our care.  These collars will come apart should the animal become ensnared on an object or during play.


My regular pet food

Yes, bring your food the dog is comfortable with.  In, new environments he or she will appreciate the comfort of familiar food.  We  use stainless steel dishes.

There is a fridge and freezer available to support RAW diets.

They will have plenty of exercise, ensure they are provided a little more than a regular feeding on their stay.

ALSO:  Ensure they have 2 days extra food for delays that can happen.

DO NOT START a new food on a kennel stay

Bed or Blankets

All kennels are equipped with Kuranda brand orthopaedic pet beds for your dogs comfort.  If your pet has a favourite bed or blanket, by all means, bring it along.  We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible.  Cat condos have hiding caves/beds with soft cushions.

For more information

Please call in advance to arrange an appointment for a visit in order to respect our guests playtime.